Stock Pick For June 05th 2010

Zod once again has executed a vital part of his domination scheme. As of yesterday morning zod sold out his initial amount of shares! A glorious achievement if there ever was one! Zod is only the 4th person to pull off this task.  This puts Zod one step closer to his world domination plans. Speaking of which zod has found a French emissary! This new arrival from Paris just may be tapped to represent Zod there. Stephane Lecuyot (AZZARO). A medium activity user on Twitter and Facebook he has the potential to grow much larger as he is the only one from France so far. This should translate into him getting his countrymen to join. The first person they would buy is gonna be him. This will cause his stock to rise in a fairly rapid manner depending upon how many people he gets signed up. Remember to buy Zod! Just ask Lord Zod (ZOD)‘s other followers he if he is generous! “Kneel before Zod!”


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