Stock Pick for June 06th 2010

Lord Zod has seen many many new people come to empire ave yesterday and tonight.Welcome all and you are now reading Lord Zods influencer picks. This blog is the original and most prolific stock pick blog on empire avenue. I lord zod started it in the closed beta portion of the sit and have posted a stock pick every single day since. I also have been atop the earnings leader board since the day it went open beta. So i do know what i’m doing.  There have been other stock pick blogs but all others have fallen and due to the power of Zod he has persevered. This brings us to todays stock pick There are to many new arrivals to be able to  to pick one of these as a daily pick so i shall pick a individual that has set them selves apart already. Christina Warren (FILM) Ms. Warren has made a name for herself writing for the site She is a established member of the so called Blogosphere. With a exceptionally active twitter account this woman has made herself into a gold mine for individuals that pick up her stock and hold onto it rather than sell it off immediately. For those of you out there new to this blog Zod has army of followers already well established on the site.To join this army follow or buy shares in Lord Zod(ZOD) As always remember to “Kneel before Zod!”


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