Stock Picks for June 07th 2010

A coalition is slowly forming amongst the followers of Lord Zod!  A project has begun in the darkest depths of the Former Fortress of Solitude. A project entitled New Krypton. Zod has approved this project and as it is now underway when it is unleashed upon the masses you will all have no choice but to kneel before the mighty Zod. Perhaps you have seen the picture of Zod? If not look at yesterdays post on Zods blog. It shall elucidate you as to what Zod looks like.  The domination of the leader boards is soon to come after project New Krypton hits!  Zods followers are as follows. The first to join  Jeanne-Marie Owens (JMO) A.K.A: Ursa. She has amassed a army of super powered Hedge Hogs that make sonic look like a pansy! Do not underestimate her power. the Red hair signifies a Fiery passion for her cause. The second  to join Zod was Lance Taylor (LAT) A.K.A: Nom. The man who is the driving force behind Project New Krypton! A grand mind belies great physical prowess. Surely a loyal follower of Zod. Tributes may be sent to him in the form of pies and milkshakes. A new recruit to Zods army is Greg Scratchley (SCRAT) A.K.A: Commander Scrat. Not much is know of this one besides the fact he has collected Kryptonite (Meteorites) and sent them away from this planet so Zod will have no weapon that can affect his power. Your leader Lord Zod (ZOD) is the driving force behind all these machinations a powerful person must direct all these individuals into a cohesive whole. There are many more members of zods army out there. should you want a promotion come see zod and tell him what you have to offer to the cause. As everyone does a prerequisite of promotion is to “Kneel before Zod!”


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