Stock Pick for June 08th 2010

Last night was a banner night for Zod. Alcohol was involved and lord Zod shall get right to the point this morning. Massive hangover but yet zod shall still give you your stock picks!  Miss Destructo (MSDSTO) Has established her self as a optimum blogger! She has already made a point of getting many of the followers of her well established blog to come aboard empire avenue. This has caused her stock to rocket in value in just a short amount of time! Twitter seems to be a way of life with this one so make sure your topped up in her stock and watch the money roll. Join the community Zod’s Army! A place for the followers of Zod to gather and take over empire ave. Lord Zod will be posting regular updates there. Lord Zod (ZOD) always needs members for his army. It is currently 93 members strong! If your already part of it spread the word. Zods army is the number 1 personal community on empire ave! “Kneel before Zod!”


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