Stock pick for June 09th 2010

Lord zod has had a great and auspicious achievement! Amass wealth 5! Over 200,000 in portfolio wealth! If you had been investing as Zod had you too would be in the same category. Also  Zods army has grown into the largest personal group so far! 100 people have joined the ranks and are now buying and following each other! A well deserved shout out goes to these people. So for todays recommendation i suggest you buy any of the 100 influencer in zods army!  A few of the top stocks in zods army are listed below investing in any of these would be a wise i dea as the y follow zods stock tips and make good moves of their own!  As always “Kneel before Zod!!”

1. Lord Zod (ZOD) 37.06
2. Lance Taylor (LAT) 33.53
3. One Man Wolfpack (WOLF) 25.74
4. Blogging4Jobs (BFOURJ) 25.02
5. Allie Wojtaszek (ALLIE) 24.99
6. Kyle Giesbrecht (KYLE) 23.59
7. Aaron Ball (BALL) 23.54
8. Jeanne-Marie Owens (JMO) 22.76
9. Todd Teske (MDTJ) 22.29
10. Drew Dalby (DLB) 22.28
11. Stephanie Grossauer (RCKBTM) 21.67
12. Nicoel Mitchell-Duff (NICO) 20.25
13. Wendy Peters (WENDY) 20.08
14. Edmonton Journal (EJ) 19.88
15. Verbal Assassin (VTECH) 19.13
16. TehrenAnaiis Nielsen (TEHR) 18.70
17. totally guitars (GUITAR) 18.34
18. Chris Davies (WCD) 18.21
19. Beth Quirie (DINOSR) 18.06
20. daniel pelfrey (MONK) 17.80

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