Stock Pick for June 10th 2010

When contemplating the daily picks Zod sometimes is requested to have a recommendation. Those of you that do must have a reason for such a boon to be granted. Lord Zod is fair to his followers but does not show favoritism! Should you come to Zod and ask for his stock recommendation he will not agree to it but he shall say it will be taken under consideration. Such as it is todays recommendation asked for this boon and he has performed admirably well to receive this boon. Crawford Comeaux (CRAW). A fairly recent addition to Empire Avenue he has been actively engaging others on twitter and his community Zod’s Army. This has caused his stock price to have a significant jump over the past couple days and he is now sitting high on the new arrivals leader boards. Should you buy him it shall only send him higher and give him the capital needed to make more money and in turn make you some cash! To all of zods followers who read this buy Lance Taylor (LAT) he is about to sell out of stocks! Help him achieve this glorious goal and make his rise one step closer to completion! As always Zod needs new members for his army.  The actual group has hit a wall and cannot accept more members at this time Send Lord Zod (ZOD) a personal message in order to get in when he has more slots ready. He shall save it and send a invite as soon as he can. “Kneel before Zod!”


One Response to “Stock Pick for June 10th 2010”

  1. CRAW is a most worthy friend indeed. Nom endorses all that has been spoken by Zod.

    He thanks the followers of Zod for helping Sell out today as well.

    (e)LAT (a.k.a. Nom)

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