Stock Pick for June 11th 2010

Lord zod has noticed that humans a a unique ability to trash the world around them. Be it the others that they live and worked around, or the Environment they live in. This will only lead to the eventual decimation of your kind. This kind of self destructive behavior will only leave Zod with no people left to rule over. If Zod was already ruler he would have already held those responsible for environmental disaster and those that take advantage of the money given to help in these disasters.  Unhappy subjects are rebellious subjects.In this vein a group has emerges in the world of social media that calls attention to the fact that a company has FAILED in their effort to bring energy to your planet. From the reports Zod has heard many corners were cut on the deepwater Horizon well. This led to the Loss of life and the worst oil spill in US history. BP Fail (BPFAIL) has been acting as a satirical commentary on the continued efforts of BP to bring this disaster under control. A buy in them will yeild you favorable dividends a s they continue to have a omnipresent voice in the world of social networking. This has caused their stock to rise. A buy for them is a buy for anti corporatism! Remember to Check Zods army community when you can. Soon Lord Zod (ZOD) shall have the dividends available too  make the move to upgrade and get more members in the army. “Kneel before Zod!”


One Response to “Stock Pick for June 11th 2010”

  1. Jeff Power Says:

    I may desire to join Zod’s Army when the space becomes available.

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