Stock Pick for June 12th 2010

Zod has been reading the history of your small world. He has seen many great leaders that have led your race over the millenniums. One great one that stood out amongst the many was Alexander the great. A man who from very humble beginnings set out to conquer what he knew as the entirety of the world. A mission which he actually accomplished. He was the only man in the history of your planet that managed to do it. Zod has seen the opportunity for being able to do this feat by force has long since passed. Even Zod’s mighty powers could not make every single person kneel before him. there would always be resistance no matter how fairly Zod ran the world. A more Subversive method must be taken. A socio economical take over must be implemented. To that effect empire avenue has given Zod the opportunity to do so the take over of the empire through communities and influence has begun. To speed along this effort zod has found a worthy stock to invest in. Mari Smith (MARI) a social media speaker and trainer by trade, she knows how to make your presence known in the ethers of the internet. To this effect her stock is fairly new but has a made it to a 26.809  a very respectable price. Being new and this high already is indeed rare. A gold mine of a stock if zod has ever seen one! Zods army is about halfway to its goal of gaining enough money to upgrade its member amount. Keep sending those requests. If spots open in the meantime its a first come first serve basis. Lord Zod (ZOD) has spoken. “Kneel before Zod!”


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