Stock Pick for June 14th 2010

Mondays or the equivalent thereof are equally dreaded the universe over. No species that exists can work a full solar cycle. Except the insectoid ones and they dont count as all of them are hive based societies. With this in mind Zod if he comes into power will declare Mondays a day of light work. Work will still be necessary but the load shall be light. you may have to give up some other liberties you enjoy. that is except for the united states workforce. they seem to work inordinately more  than the rest of your planet. Their vacation time is significantly less than any other country. Plus their retirement age is far higher than any other country. Perhaps this is why they are a stressed out society? A way to relive further stress is to invest in guaranteed stocks on empire ave! The recommendation this morning is a good example of just such a method! Niv Singer (NIVS) is a recent arrival to the market and has already made it to the 20+ range of stock price! Not to mention she has sought the tutelage of lord Zod! The active twitter Flickr and face book and two blogs. Look for this one to level out in the high 20’s to the low 30’s. Zods army is still gathering the credits needed to upgrade its member rolls. Soon we shall upgrade and be able to dominate the community boards! Send  Lord Zod (ZOD) your requests and he shall approve them as soon as more positions are available! “Kneel before Zod!”


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