Stock pick for June 15th 2010

There is a contingent of  many different countries that are represented on Empire Avenue. This pleases Zod greatly! Zod does not know of any better to meet new persons. Zod has made his home base the mostly frozen white north of  the united states. The isolation of this place has lead to just that isolation. Then empire avenue came along and gave Zod the ability to reach beyond his frozen confines. At first he was only able to reach further north into the even more frozen north of Canada. Now as the beta has opened to a wider audience his reach has grown ever further. Dups the CEO of empire avenue has hit upon a genius way of spreading your personal brand or influence whichever word you should prefer. Zod in al his wisdom is entering a new phase of recommendations. He is going to give some recommendations that are from other countries besided the USA and Canada. Todays pick comes from the beautiful Mediterranean  country of Israel! Ilana Brudo (ILANA).  she describes herself as”I am an Israeli Internet journalist, tech addict, blogger and editor. Social media creature and gamer.” She has all of her feeds hooked up and uses them prolifically! Not to mention she is a good looking girl and as those of you who have been on the market for awhile you know that the better looking the woman the higher the stock price goes. Zods army is still at the point where he is waiting for the available funds to upgrade his army and become a much larger tour de’ force  on empire ave continue requesting to join and when Lord Zod (ZOD) upgrades or as spots become available he will get you in. “Kneel before Zod”


One Response to “Stock pick for June 15th 2010”

  1. Hey! Thanks for the pick! 🙂

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