Stock Picks for June 16th 2010

When Zod observes things about your society he like to comment on such things. Todays observations are about your video game culture. This is a very nascent form of the VR entertainment we had on Krypton. That form actually immersed us in a world of our choosing. With this video game tech you humans have stumbled upon the road to give you the ability to explore the universe without ever leaving your planet. From what Zod sees you will extrapolate this tech to its final form which allow you to imagine any world your imaginations can conceive of and immerse yourselves within them. Although you must watch for addiction to such a medium the need to escape the doldrums of your lives will be too great to resist for most of you.  Watch for these things and control these urges and you shall have a wondrous technology to explore and use. A way to avoid these pitfalls is to connect with your fellow human beings. The use of social media is a good way to achieve this. Empire Avenue has provided a great way to connect and make use of those social networks. Start your profile off right with a wise purchase. Katie Vallem (KT1018) a twitteratti of the highest caliber she makes vast use of this great social network. As the followers of Zod know this is a great indication of a golden investment!  Lord Zod (ZOD)‘sArmy is once again open for new members! go to to join up! “Kneel before Zod!”


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