Stock Pick for June 17th 2010

DC Comics has been for years preparing the way for Zod. Their depictions of Zod have varied greatly over the years yet they have finally struck upon the true depiction of Zod in their World of New Krypton story arc. In this arc they truly have hit upon the way zod tries to bring peace by understanding each side of a story and attempting to find a solution not for one side or the other but a solution that benefits the society as a whole. The militaristic nature of zods machinations usually helps in the fine tuning of these decisions. since DC is the herald of Zod all followers of zod should take what they write and learn from it. Just realize they are stories of zod not actual events. In this vein zod has found a  recommendation that is good for society as a whole as it has shown good returns. Rachel D (MUMPO) this influencer is a new arrival and has risen into the 20 credits per stock range on a strong twitter presence and a good blog.  A wise investment if there ever was one to behold. Join Zod in welcoming her and help her to achieve new heights on empire Avenue. Lord Zod (ZOD) army is once again accepting new people into its ranks. As the number one personal community on empire avenue a great deal of clout is received from being in this army! “Kneel before Zod!”


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