Stock pick for june 19th 2020

Zod is late on the recommendation today. A morning swim was required as part of Zod’s daily exercise routine. Speaking of which why do humans insist on polluting their bodies with such substances as drugs. A great many of you have imbued a number of the substances ranging from Caffeine to heroin. Granted some of them are not as bad as others but the ones that cause you serious long term damage your race insists upon taking till it kills you. Granted if these things affected Zod at all he would like to try Alcohol. Things seem much funnier too you humans while ingesting this substance. Even zod needs a way to relax after crushing a country beneath his heel. When zod takes over all the narcotic shall be eliminated from your society. Zod wants followers that shall be useful not junkies. Speaking of a thing that draws people into it this stock pick has seemed to draw lots of people to it. A wise investment as it seems to have grown its own strange gravity.  Joanne Costello (COSTE) having been on the site for only a short time her stock has leveled out at a respectable 26.5. this obviously relates to her net activity which she keeps to a fairly good level from day to day.  Get in on her before she rises to a even higher level. She is sure to as she has Joined Zod’s army and will surely prosper from being there.  Lord Zod (ZOD) is still looking to fill positions in his army! Join it now as only 44 spots are left available. Follow Zod and he shall send you a request as soon as you do or shortly thereafter. “Kneel before Zod!”


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