Stock Pick for June 21st 2010

The passage of time has come and gone upon this planet for many billions of years. No creatures ever marked its passage with significance until Humans began to walk it. From that point humans became the dominant species upon your world.  the ability to attach significance to the passage of time is a trait that dominant species must develop. It attaches a permanent sense of urgency to accomplish things within in ones own lifetime. As soon as humans can travel beyond their own planetary system to find others with intelligent life they shall come to see this as one of the determining factors of intelligent life. Zod has seen fit to tell you humans this so that you may reach beyond the confines of your planet and find more followers of Zod! This small planet will eventually become to small to contain even zod’s ego. In order to achieve this goal you must amass wealth! todays stock pick may just help you to do do! It’s Our Lil Secret (XOXO) its no secret at all that sex sells quite well amongst human males and a smaller portion of the females as well. As is usual when a stock has some sort of sexual overtones it will most likely sell and do quite well. This one seems to be more active than most and is engaging others on twitter and the community boards. Join zod in buying this wonderful stock for it is a secret no more! Lord Zod (ZOD)‘s army has very few spots left! As of this writing there are only 6 spots that remain! Get in now and join the largest personal community on empire Avenue! We can help you out with just about anything you need. We only ask that you join our ranks and follow everyone in the army. Pretty good deal id say.. “Kneel Before Zod!”


One Response to “Stock Pick for June 21st 2010”

  1. Thanks for the support….U Rock!!

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