Stock Pick for June 23rd 2010

Zod was in need of a break yesterday and so he took one! This was a day filled with exploring the many different areas of your planet Zod has yet to see. A particularly beautiful spot was the city of Venice.  A city built on the ocean. On Krypton we didn’t even think to do this. The beauty humans are capable of creating is unrivaled in the universe. You humans posses a mind that is geared towards creation . It is how you as a species has survived for as long as you have.  The other side of the coin is your ability to create destructive forces. Nuclear weapons were never developed on krypton. The potential for destruction was just to immense. A project on your planet called project countdown to Zero is a project to decommission and dismantle all nuclear weapons on your planet. Zod supports this project as he wants a planet to rule not a burnt out cinder of a rock! Support this cause by going here! Truly we could all give peace a chance! In that vein we should all give peace a chance by buying  some stock in World Peace (WPEACE). Join Zod and give it a chance or Zod will force peace down your throats and make you “Kneel before Zod!”


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