Stock Pick for June 27th 2010

Lord Zod has been away! Internet access is sparse in some areas of your world. Particularly the arctic.  Zod needed a few days in the Fortress of solitude to recharge his abilities.get ready for it folks because Zod is back in black! The greatest thing you can do to announce your re arrival is to make a huge splash when you arrive. Zod shall do so by starting a new blog! Zod’s advice column!  Send your question to lord zod and he shall answer them as only Zod can! Pontifications and decrees shall abound! Enjoy this for Zod shall be a great advice giver and this as always shall grow zods army to even greater heights! The stock pick of the day is Kate Sherrod (SONNET) she is the poet laureate of zods army and is a good one at that. Her sonnets have provided zod a great amount of amusement.  Buy her stock and read her work. remember to stop by Zod’s new blog and check out the questions posed to zod by the empire!


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