Stock Pick for june 28th 2010

The Presses are hot with the news that Russian spies infiltrated the US government!  Zod sees this as a move that will cost the Russians allot of credibility in the international community. The modern superpowers have been long past the need to conduct such operations. The community of your primitive  planet has yet to see the benefits of dropping this behavior. hopefully this dose not make a bad situation further down the road. On krypton there was no different countries that disagreed only guilds. Sometimes the art guild would not get along with each other. these differences did not lead to all out espionage or full on war! Zod has found a nice stock to invest in today. Carolina Millan (MILLAN) has had a recent 5 point jump! A great achievement!  lets help her get even higher by buying up some more of her stock! “Kneel before Zod!”


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