Stock Pick for June 29th 2010

Well it seems that the country of chili has arrived to the Empire Avenue! Yesterday there was a large influx of Chilean people who are lighting up the new arrivals section of your home page! Keep a eye out for all those new arrivals and snap them up as soon as they hit the market. A wise investor knows that these new arrivals will jump to a 15-18 level quick. Just make sure to pay attention to their prices  so you dont get stuck holding a 8 or 9 level stock. A good investment strategy to employ is also to invest in the proven earners on empire ave with your dividend earnings! Today zod has found a stock to invest in with your money. JI Stark (STK) a Chilean that arrived before his fellows his stock price is already at 32 points! Zod only speaks English but he can see that this gentleman has  a very active twitter feed! Buy some more of him and perhaps he will recommend to his friends that they buy you in return. Work the market! and remember “Kneel before Zod


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