Stock pick for June 29th 2010

The morning dawns upon the east coast of the united states of america. Chile has over taken empire ave and zod has had to take steps to advertise his greatness in Spanish. Perhaps you have seen his new ads in spanish. they run out fast as hell so you have to be on top of it to see them! The amount of eaves spent on advertising is sky rocketing exponentially. Zod how ever welcomes these new arrivals to the empire and wishes them good luck in their endeavors.  A bit of advice though keep your eye on the new arrivals column plenty of new people to snap up as soon as they hit the market. Also try to work the buy and sell requests page. there are deals to be had you just need to keep a eye out for all those wonderful deals! Speaking of a wonderful deal the influencer pick of the day shall net you massive eaves if you got in now. CNN Chile (CNNCL) a massive jump already today! 13 points!! Zod doesn’t know if he has ever seen a jump such as this one  on empire ave!  get in now as this one is sure to keep climbing today! Zod’s Army is back in business for new members! We can have up too 500 members now join Zod’s army today!!


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