Stock Pick for July 1st 2010

Today is the first day of July! Most humans never take a moment to think about where the names for the months come from here is a quick lesson on where the name of july comes you may recognize its origins. As pulled from Wikipedia the story goes. It was the month in which Julius Caesar was born, and named Julius in his honor in 44 BCE, the year of his assassination. Also called Quintilis (fifth month). A good thing to know is where you came from. the origin of just a simple name like this shows that things from the past are still active in the normal day to day lives of most humans. Another blast from the past to day is the recommendation. Brittney Le Blanc (BRITL) the first person to sell out of her initial 10,000 shares. She is now slipping down the leader boards but is still a hot commodity on the Buy/ Sell market. remember followers of zod to check there frequently deals abound to be had!


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