Stock pick for July 2nd 2010

The time for th annual celebration of the birth of the united states draws upon us Americans! The annual celebration is a joyus occasion as we celebrate the meteoric rise of the american nation amongst the other nations already upon the earth. Granted we had a entire continent full of resources available to us that no other country did. A black mark upon the rise was the near decimation of the native peoples. As well as the hundred years of state sanctioned slavery. These have led to Americans discovering nuclear energy and many of the wonders of the modern world including the internet! So as we watch this holiday come and go with the annual fireworks show remember that sometimes the price of the things we now enjoy are greater than you realize. A stock thats price is no mystery what so ever is Dios El Pulento (ELPULE) Lord Zod didnt need spanish in the phantom zone so he does not knw what this influencer is all about. What he does know is that this one has jumped 5 points in the last 24 hours! Join the train and buy his stock now!! “Kneel before Zod!”


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