Zod Returns!

A great many of you have said that Zod’s presence has been missed greatly. In response Zod has decided to grace all of you humans once again with his presence upon the Empire. For those of you that have been in the game awhile you will already know the power of Zod to move and shape things of which he espouses. Granted the viewer base has probably slacked off since Zods self imposed exile.  Zod has been travelling the great universe bringing countless civilizations to their knees. Earth however presents a unique challenge.  A vast population is one great thing to overcome. Most places in the universe practice population control of their societies. Keeping the population low provides many benifits i will however elaborate on only two. One is supply and demand of resources. If demand is kept to low levels than your own planet can provide you with all the resources required to advance your society at a decent pace. The key to this is to set up a caste of persons that are willing and have to technical knowhow to provide supplies such as food and power. Those that show true intelligence must be provided with a way to express such intelligence. The Key in all this is to make everyone on a equal status. No thinker will have dominion over a farmer. Without that farmer or power worker that thinker would not have the ability to sit and think or run experiments to figure out the many wonders of the universe. The second benefit to population control is that you never have to become a population that goes to other planets to take resources from there. the cost to benefit ratio to destroying native populations and ecosystems is far to great. Zod may bring populations under his command but he never destroys them. To destroy without need or purpose is stupid beyond measure. Zod just provides a forceful albeit but strong hand fro leadership to these places. your own movies and books have shown what happens when Aliens come to your biosphere and attempt to harvest it for the abundant natural resources available here. Although your society has embarked upon this very road it may take millenniums before you make it to a star system with a large population but the unchecked population growth will demand that you as a society must do so. Proper use of resources is a must. In that vein a great resource to be had on empire ave are influencer that  provide you the investor with good dividends on a regular basis. Allie Wojtaszek (ALLIE) has been at this game since nearly the beginning. She has lately been fairly consistent in being near the top of the top earnings leaders. With experience and leadership like that prehaps humanity is not doomed to become the Race of conquistadors  that it seems hell bent on becoming. The Only thing you should hear before being conqured is “Kneel Before Zod!”


2 Responses to “Zod Returns!”

  1. Praise be to Zod! Benevolent is he, for his return to our pitiful sphere shall bring untold joy and prosperity to those his gracious finger pointeth t’ward.

    A masterful account of valiant deeds as ever, m’lord. We, your subjects, humbly beseech that you continue to favor us with gifts of such magnificence lest we lose our way and…I don’t know… eat crayons or something.

  2. Hey thanks! 🙂

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