Fresh Dividends!

A substantial amount of humans have asked Zod what he thinks about the state of the BP oil debacle in the Gulf of mexico on the planet Houston.  The entire mess has shown what corporate greed can do on a very grand scale. The corners cut and attention not payed to critical saftey measures led to the unnecessary loss of life on the rig itself and the financial ruin of the entire gulf fishing industry. This put many people in the gulf out of work and those that relied upon the fish caught from these hard working individuals are SOL. Suffice to say when Zod is able to bring the planet under his control the heads of all the major corporations will report directly to Zod himself. Should the corporate suits be in direst violation of any corner cutting or disregard for the livelihoods of those in their area of operations they shall personally pay. Personal bank accounts will be drained and they themselves shall receive heat vision Lobotomies and be put away from societal view  for forever. This may seem harsh but in the end it is all to promote responsibility for your and your companies actions.  Hopefully through his web presence zod will get on the independent ticket for president in the 2012 election cycle.  A great wave of change and accoutabilty shall sweep this great nation. Zod stays in this country because of the potential in it not the current state of affairs. Power takes influnce however and on Empire Ave influence is created by those of you that have achieved a high following and made the best content . In that vein todays recommendation has created the largest personal group on empire ave. the discussions have ” With a Little Help from my friends”  been engaging and livley. John Moore has made sure to keep active hand in the growth of his community. Help can be had from within it. Questions are answered and the discussions sre kept spam and self promotional free. Join zod and invest in John and join his community at the same time. All Hail John! Just remember who your leader is. “Kneel before Zod!”


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