Secret Societies

Through out the history of you civilization there have bee secret shadowy organizations that have been part of your history. This as far as the information that Wikipedia provides zod anyways. While the general populace grinds along these few individuals have shaped the greatest movements in earths history. The best example of this power is the founding of the United States of America. The founding fathers of this country were almost to the man members of the Free masonic rights of Scotland society. This seems to be the oldest and most prominent of these organizations. that alone should belie the fact that they are movers and shakers. A organization does not remain popular for hundreds of years on this planet without some sort of ability to manipulate major events. The smallest stone when cast at the correct moment in time can cause a avalanche of ideas and progress. Think about it. The USA has become the predominant world power in just 250 years of existence.  The major force on your planet was invented by these Americans. You all call it the internet. A world wide web of information that allows even the most simple man or woman to access information on nearly every subject know to humans. It also allows for the mostly free flow of information from people and societies. No world issue is ignored and the best leaders have now moved to utilize this web as a way to get their ideas and agendas to the masses without much effort at all. This country also has been at the top or near so in the lead to achieve human space flight. the landing of humans on your satellite (Luna or the moon) was a great achievement for your race. The first step in many that shall bring humans to the point of interstellar travel. What secret societies had to do with this achievement is unknown. Another organization that has led the planet as a whole is the Roman Catholic church Much of the inner workings of this organization are a mystery even to Zod. The elected leader known as a pope has a privilege to the inner workings past and present and future goals thereof. You must always watch these societies and join when possible to have a idea of what the true nature of things are. To this effect a new Secret society has cropped up on the empire and Zod has joined its ranks. the inner workings are a secret to all but the iniated few people who have joined. The ability for this group to move the flow of events on empire ave is et to be seen. ELEANOR THIBEAU (LDYHXC) was the founding mother of this and is sure to have a agenda in mind as she has drawn a few of the more prominent members of empire avenue to her fold. You may not be able to join the group but you can invest in her and help to push forward the agenda by infusing eaves into the general coffer of this group. Using this society soon all shall “Kneel before Zod!”


2 Responses to “Secret Societies”

  1. adrielhampton Says:

    Good stuff!

    (Kneel before no one)

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