A great many people have tried to control populaces throughout the history of your planet. Zod has observed this to continue into your modern age as it is now. Many try to control through the use of totalitarian powers. This while being a excellent way to control through fear but in the long run will not work. Populaces will eventually revolt under the heavy oppression. If its not during your reign it shall happen during the subsequent reign of those you appoint to rule after your demise. Afar more effective way to govern is to project the sense of benevolence while ruling from behind the curtain with a iron fist. The best way to keep a populace distracted is to provide them with entertainment. The ancient Romans were the first to perfect this method of rule. While the emperor was the guy in charge he won the favor of the crowds of destitute and rich alike by providing the entertainment they craved. a large spectacle of blood and fighting. Such a site to behold! Zod wishes the physics in the first Superman (Bastard) movie were real. Zod would spin the planet backwards until he was able to attend one of these events. needless to say a society that can not be distracted can not be controlled. If the populace has no outlet to focus on then they focus invariably on how to change the situation that they are in to better suit them. This is human nature. In todays society the art of entertainment has been perfected in the form of television. You know do not need to even leave your domicile in order to be fully entertained. People now go to work come home eat watch a little tv and go to sleep this leaves no time whatsoever to contemplate what you could do to change the situation your in. In the grand tradition of entertainment sources Zod has found one for those of you interested in entertainment to invest in  ROCK YOUR FACE OFF ENTERTAINMENT (NOFACE). A entertainment company more focused on event and party planning than blood and gore. Which is probably a good thing in your societal norms for today. Music also seems to be a focus of this group or rather the promotion thereof. So join Zod and lets see if we can get our Faces and or our socks rocked off by this company. While your picking your face up off the floor remember to “Kneel Before Zod!”


3 Responses to “Entertainment.”

  1. Love your intro into this hot tip…spin the planets backwards…brilliant.

  2. Love it! Good article!

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