Purveyors Of information!

In every society there has existed a person or group of persons that provide others with critical information. In Ancient Egypt Zod has read that this was provided by the priest class as they were generally the only ones who could read and write to any degree. In rome the job of information dissemination was provided by Criers of a sort. The guy who would stand on the corner and read the proclamations of the  senate and later the Emperors. During the Middle ages this system broke down leading to a extended period of anarchy of a sorts the ability to pass information from point A to point B is a critical ability of most civilizations in the universe that make it out of their infancy stages.  Humans would not believe the amount of societies that have never made it past their Iron Age equivalent here on earth. Once communication was re established a great flourish of art and technology exploded forth from the minds of the more enlightened humans.  This irreversible march has continued until this modern day. Albeit it has slowed some due to general bureaucracy in the more advanced societies on earth. this has not however stopped it completely.  The greatest thing right now for the dissemination of ideas has become the internet. Information on anything is available to anyone who has access to a connected computer. This cuts both ways as well. Information can make used to destroy and create. It is all in the hands of the user. It can also be used to entertain and make you laugh. In this vein todays recommendation culls the internet for the funny stuff that he thinks will get a rise out of you. MIK B (MIKBRA). A look at his blog gives a good chuckle. Zod does not have a sense of humor but his human minions did chuckle. Look to this humans blog when you need a bit of irreverent information that just may make you chuckle. Just make sure to do so while you “Kneel Before Zod!”


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