Tools Of statecraft.

Zod has observed that through the many periods of history humans have developed what they refer to as the tools of statecraft. This refers to the techniques available to various leaders of empires and countries to govern a large amount of people all at once. There are three kinds of tool sets available to leaders. The empire scenario leads to two tools sets. The first is a benevolent dictator. This is best exemplified By the roman emperor Augustus.  He used the semblance of not being directly in charge for two thirds of his reign to keep the “Pax Romana”  or peace of Rome. A benevolent Dictatorship is harder to keep control of than any other kind of Empire. You always end up with people mistaking your kindness for weakness. you end up having to rule with a iron hand lined with silk. the tools employed here are coercion, gifts, and generally anything to win the hearts and minds of the general masses of people.

The second tool set is a Violent Dictatorship. This is when a single person who usually only has his or her best interests in mind. A good example of a modern version of this is Adolf Hitler. From modern accounts this is a man that should never have risen to power. A technically insane person he was able to seduce the post WWI country of Germany to hand all power over to him. He then proceeded to make his goals and priorities the goals and priorities of Germany”s. When this happens the Needs of the state are no longer put before the needs of the individual in charge. This usually leads to internal chaos and dissension. It takes a iron will to keep the whole country on the road to success in this environment. the tools employed by these individuals are torture, jailing, banishment and social constrictions. Above all fear is what keeps people in line.

The third tool set is employed by a General governing Body. This refers to the Democratic process. When a country uses a system that must come to a general consensus it will use a mixture of the previous two  tool set. this is because the individual with the most Charisma in the councils usually has the upper hand. As this person can change with a change in public opinion at the drop of the hat, it tends to leave different people in charge. Since every person is different we must assume the governing style will remain fluid.

A tool employed by all three however is the tool of assassination. A rival leader rises and gains a following. this threatens your long term goals of either leading the country to prosperity or it threatens your personal goals. In either scenario it can cause instability. the offending person must either be folded into your own organization thus adding his followers back to you or he must be eliminated quietly. If this person is eliminated in public it can set that person up as a figurehead. This means his ideals will live on fervently after his death. If however the death seems to be a accident the person is missed for a few months then the memory fades away. Assassination is the best tool available to all forms of government.

In this vein todays recommendation is her self a assassin. she prefers to slay words however instead of people. When Zod sets his own empire up perhaps he will enlist her as one of his tools of statecraft. Verbal Assassin (VTECH) has been on the market for quite some time and has always provided good returns for Zod. So all of you check her out or one day you may see a shadow behind you and never see anything again! “Kneel Before Zod!”


4 Responses to “Tools Of statecraft.”

  1. As usual, you bless us with your wisdom.
    Thanks for the heads up on the investment.

  2. Anytime man! My wisdom is of the eccentric variety but hey it works.

  3. I have invested in her for a bit. She’s a good one 🙂

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