Proper usage of resources.

When Zod is out and about amongst the humans he notices that the proper distribution of  resources has not been adopted by your society. The way to make sure there are enough resources for all is the proper distribution of resources. For example, the richest people on your planet tend to be the people who generally are running your governments. Personal wealth should not be a determining factor in how far your opinion reaches. If your personal wealth exceeds a certain amount you should not be able to hold public office. The fact that you are now in power makes you want to do anything to stay there. This naturally leads to you gathering more money and resources to yourself taking them away from the general people who just may need them more than you do. Humans apparently do not share space with others of even their own races very well. Intelligence should be the determining factor as to whether you are allowed to hold public office. this combined with compassion for others leads to a  far more productive society that will lead ever forward towards infinity. The Human race is fastly approaching a bottle neck. Due to Overpopulation and the usage and destruction of natural resources upon your small planet. One way to prevent untold destruction and loss of life is to adopt a new way of thinking. No longer should we put the most persuasive into office but rather the best man for the job. You could also elect Zod leader of your small planet and see wondrous things that would arise from the ashes of your former societies! In this vein  the stock of he day SHAREDECK (SHARE) Has come up with tools for you to use to see the distribution of wealth upon empire avenue. A smart and useful tool perhaps i shall make him my finance Czar when i lead this rock to its future in the stars! Kneel Before Zod!!


One Response to “Proper usage of resources.”

  1. Awesome! I so wish to be your finance Czar Lord Zod!
    Thanks !!!

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