Engineering a empire.

A power base is a great way to start on the road to building a real world empire! The same correlates to empire ave but that is a story for another day. A power base is a hard thing to acquire you must first have notoriety. This can be from wondrous acts of kindness or deplorable acts of evil. A mix of the two will only lead to people you are trying to win over seeing you as unable to make a proper decision in the face of adversity. They must know how you will react to any given situation in order to know whether they will get away with it or not. The unknown factor causes people to not know how you will react thus giving them the want to test the boundaries of what you will and will not let happen. Once you have established your power base the rest is up to gravity. Gravity or rather the draw of your groups charisma will bring others to your cause.  Its at this point you must begin to study the architecture of your group. Engineering the group to work as a well oiled machine is critical to the future success of your enterprise. you will not be there to lead for eternity therefore you must plan ahead and make sure the power structure you leave behind ensures the best man to lead the way is in charge. Hereditary succession is never the proper solution. A properly engineered  empire will consist of a singular man at the helm with a group of advisors who are the most intelligent in their respective fields of study that they are advising you on. If you have a group of people such as a congress in charge it makes for a unnecessarily long process to get anything done. A true democracy can work but rarely does it ever. In this vein todays recommendation has a interest in this very subject.  NELSON MUNOZ (NRMM) professes a interest in civil engineering on his Face book profile page. When Zod is the ruler  of your planet he will have need of a engineer to help him construct his power base. Perhaps this man shall rise to the top and become the architect of the NWO Zod shall institute!  Kneel Before Zod!!


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