Perils of a “Big Brother”

George Orwell wrote a book many years ago called 1984. In this Dystopian vision of the future he set the main character in a place called Oceania. This was a place where the smallest goings on of the individual were monitored by the police state that ran the government. Although this state of being has never come to pass recent events in the USA have seen what could be the beginnings of such a totalitarian regime.  The US Ninth Circuit court of appeals has recently made a ruling that GPS can be attached to your vehicle while sitting in your own yard without a warrant to monitor your activities. a reasonable expectation of privacy is extended to you in your driveway it is considered “curtilage,” a fancy legal term for the area around the home. A violation of this rite brings up  two topics for further discussion.  The ability to do this without a warrant makes it so that the rich are the only ones able to protect their properties from the incursion of the authorities. If you dont have the ability to pay for a private security force around your private domicile you will always be open for the authorities to accuse you of something and be subject for indefinite monitoring. The second thing is how to fight this new power the authorities have assumed. You as the individual citizen must speak out when you are subjected to unfair monitoring. Only you speaking out against such tyranny can prevent the gradual erosion of your personal rights. Zod would be much more blatant in his controlling of the populace. Should you step out of line you will be punished according to your crime. Just one punishment from zod would make it so you are severely deterred from ever pursuing crimes against another human being ever again. Zod shall rule through straight up rules and punishment. The best way to help zod attain power is to fight back the tech monitors with better tech. Such is the need for tech advisors to join Zods cause. Todays stock is a techphile. COLIN EAGLES (COLEAG) should this man advise Zod in the future to fight against those who would repress you and cause you to live in fear of constant monitoring? Sound off in the comments! Kneel Before Zod!


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