Getting Your message heard.

One of the things you must do in any bid to change the world is to get your message out to the general masses. If this is not accomplished you will end up being the crazy person in the corner shouting to anybody that will listen. You will never be taken seriously and most of your message will be ignored. The key to getting it out there is saturation. By saturating your mediums of communication (Television, internet and print) you will eventually grab the attention of someone much more powerful than yourself. This is called the benefactor. This person will adopt your views and ideas as if they are your own. Eventually they change from a benefactor into a follower. Since the only source for the rhetoric they enjoy comes from you, immediately this ensures loyalty. All this is however moot unless the message gets out! Lets explore the ways people have done so in this the modern human age.

We Will start with the oldest form of human communication, the spoken word. You must to use this expertly form a persona that has a certain attractiveness. This is done by using charisma in your presentation of such speeches. Fidel Castro the former leader of the island of Cuba used this to woo the people of Cuba and it kept him in power until he was physically no longer able to rule.  In the absence of all other forms of  control this one can keep the masses in your favor or under your spell. The main point here is charisma brings the masses to you and gets your message out by word of mouth.

The second form Zod will touch upon is the printed word. A manifesto is one of the most effective and to the point methods to get your ideas out. These are usually a no nonsense discussion of what your vision is and how you want to achieve it. A very good example of one that can change the world Is The United States Deceleration of Independence. Believe it or not this document is in fact a manifesto. The founding fathers rebelled against what was at the time the established authority to establish a new way of living and self governance. The principles set forth in that document swept the world at the time and many countries that set upon the democratic path use this document as the basis for their own  founding principles. This Manifesto got the message out in a big way and changed the course of human history.

The third form is the medium of television. The best example of this is the first televised presidential debate between Richard Nixon and John F Kennedy. Kennedy grasped the importance of this event far more than Nixon did. Kennedy projected a presidential aura better than Nixon did. This gave him the attention of the audience therefore getting the message he had to say across allot better than Nixon. Ever since that pivotal moment televised debates have become a staple of the race for the most powerful job on the planet. Now you must look act and sound presidential for the masses to listen to your message.

The final medium is the internet. Due to the fact that there are millions of people using this medium you must use saturation and quality of content in order to effectively communicate your message. Due to the sheer amount of people out there espousing ideas yours must stand out from the huddled masses of crazy ideas as a rather well informed and intelligent one. Once you have established this you need to spend a large amount of time posting on message boards and every single social media medium you can find. A good example of this was explored in the work of fiction Enders game. The brother and sister of the protagonist ender used a system very similar to the internet to draw attention to themselves and caused to the entire human race to follow their contrary yet equally well educated viewpoints. With a eye on the eventual prize they did all that with the eventual goal of one conceding defeat to the other thereby granting the victor all of the others followers and control of a large portion of the human populace.

Todays recommendation has been in this game for most of his life. Should Zod ever get his message beyond the confines of his small audience this man shall be in charge of the media blitz that accompanies Zods rise to power! JOHN MOORE (JMOORE) truly is a master of the art of getting your ideas out through most of the forms of communication ive discussed today buy his stock and enjoy the great dividends! “Kneel Before Zod!”


3 Responses to “Getting Your message heard.”

  1. I couldn’t agree more, John Moore definitely has the knack for getting your attention and keeping it on even the most mundane subjects.

    Thanks for another insightful blog 🙂

  2. Brian Smith Says:

    Another great post by ZOD!

  3. […] Getting Your message heard. – from General Zod One of the things you must do in any bid to change the world is to get […]

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