Using Modern Science

Genetics has come a long way since the inception of man kind. Many cultures have practiced genetic engineering throughout history. They didnt realize that was what they were doing but the breeding of animals for certain features is precisely what that is.  applying this concept to the science of modern genetics. You could conceivably make tailor made animals to combat the intrusion of invasive species to habitats they are not intended to be in. A good postulation of this would be to introduce a strain of Cane toad to Australia that would negate its natural defenses when bred into the general population of existing toads. Making the problem of this invasive species  go away over a period of time. It could also be used in the human population to combat a problem that seems to plague Human society. Overpopulation has become on of the greatest things that threaten to impede the advancement of your civilization. By tinkering with fertility you could make it so less people are able to re produce. there by freeing up resources for a smaller yet still entirely effective population. The smaller population could then be imbued with longer life spans so that they in effect could continue to learn and research well past what is considered a normal lifespan. The ability to tinker with genetic code is fraught with pitfalls as well as benefits. In selecting for traits you end up creating genetic societal classes. The movie GATTTACA has touched upon what can happen if classes are allowed to gain dominance over each other. Just discussing this makes it so you have the foresight to either turn away from this idea or to execute in in a orderly manner. As always the decision is yours. In the spirit of genetic engineering todays recommendation represents Humanities most successful genetic experiment ever. The modern domestic dog has  so many different varieties for so many different uses that is is almost impossible to know how many different breeds there are in the world. The Domestic dog has recently been found to have descended from the Gray wolf exclusively. Such variety from one animal is astounding! POOCH LAND (WOOF) is a fine representation of the domestic dog. Follow zod and buy some of this stock and support the future of human research in genetic engineering! “Kneel Before Zod!”


2 Responses to “Using Modern Science”

  1. OMG, that is an awesome blog entry, thanks for such an interesting read.

  2. Excellent read, as always!!

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