Secret police

Zod has educated you in the more benign tools of governing in the past. Today Zod will educate you in one of the more dark tools. The usage of a secret police force. A tool however evil it is highly useful for the aspiring dictator. The members of these groups are usually answerable to the director of said force and you yourself. the force is usually tasked with the job of making sure dissension amongst the normal people under your rule do not get to unruly. A fair amount of dissension is  critical as it gives you a threat to engage once all external threats have been abolished. With out a enemy to fight the military under your rule will grow lax and bored. this could eventually lead to a full on revolution as humans are race that craves conflict. Conflict drives all base human actions. It is used as a natural way to sharpen you as a race. The secret police keep the more radical portions of your subjects in check. As a force that you control it gives you a great amount leeway as to what can be accomplished with them. A great example is the Nazi SS. Administered by Heinrich Himmler and Adolf Hitler themselves these fanatical troops were loyal to death and made sure that the program of their leaders were ruthlessly enforced. These men were also trained as elite level soldiers capable of carrying out full on military objectives. These men investigated claims of varying degrees from people hiding from the programs instituted by their leaders to attempting to hold military installations. Another Good example are The Fedaykin of Paul Muad’Dib. These men were the fanatical personal body guard for paul in the novel dune. These men tookk the teachings and religon of Paul to the known universe. This may be the ultimate example of a empire reaching its maximum potential but it serves as a lesson to what can be created. A few well trained fanatics can carry the changes you begin to the far corners of the world. Places you yourself cannot personally go to as other matters of state require your attention. All this flows into todays recommendation. LORD ZOD (ZOD) is the only person capable of controlling a force such as that with the iron will of finely honed political and military abilities. A buy of Zod’s stock is a vote for the future peace and prosperity of your race! “Kneel Before Zod!”


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