Zod has noticed that a great emphasis has been placed upon the pursuit of peace in place on your planet where there never has been peace. In the middle east as its called on your planet the country of Israel has long been a contested spot. Nearly since the very first settlements in this area it has been a spot of constant war. At the beginning of this conflict the area was a vital trade route between african nations and the Babylonian empire. Controlling this area meant that you controlled trade in the entire region. The major competitor to the Babylonians was at the time the Egyptian Empire. Two vast area both very rich came into conflict for the area and squeezed out the native population. thus began a 5,000 year journey by the inhabitants of the area to reclaim what was once theirs. In this modern day and age the conflict centers around religious beliefs. This causes the conflict to be dragged out far longer than what it should be. due to modern travel methods this area is no longer needed as a transportation hub. The area is not even rich in the petrol that fuels current wars in the other areas of the mid east. By prolonging this conflict to near infinitum you are given very few solutions to this conflict.  The peaceful solution as always is the most desired. In order to achieve this though it takes both sides of the issue to make concessions to the greater good. Where the conflict has gone on for so many years it takes a great man from each side to rally their followers to see the point that concessions must be made.  The other far less desirable solution is eradication. the native jewish population was nearly wiped out in the 1940’s due to the Nazi final solution program. There is really no way to destroy a culture or people violently. There will always be someone to survive and continue to convert others to their point of view. Only time may make a culture truly dissipate. the solution seems very far off and Zod cannot predict the final outcome. What zod can do however is give a stock recommendation!  RON HEIGH (PWND) is a veteran of the the Avenue and has made a tidy sum of money. He must be doing something right! Buy up his stocks and join in his dividends. “Kneel before Zod!”


One Response to “peace”

  1. Thanks you for the great words of wisdom Lord Zod, again, I kneel before you in awe 🙂

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