A review.

Zod in his past few weekly rants has touched upon the great many things it takes to lead a society to its ultimate incarnation a vast space empire able to control multiple star systems and travel at speeds greater than light. The beginnings of this journey i have laid before you. Its up to you as a individual to start upon this great journey.  The Human race as one of your great minds Dr. Stephen Hawking has pointed out are doomed. The resources upon this globe are finite. The only way to make it as a race is for the human king to expand to the cosmos. Although you are lacking as a species in that particular area the time is soon to come when you will achieve the necessary technical knowhow to make expansion possible. There are a few things to keep in mind as you expand though. Native populations are to be studied and not interfered with should they be at a less technically developed stage than you are. If you interfere you run the chance of making a very bad enemy. One that will remember the beings from the sky as bad gods that came upon them and nearly destroyed them. One thing about life that is universally the same is that is exceptionally hard to eradicate. Therefore a peaceful solution that benefits both parties is always the right solution. A race at the same or nearly the same level as your own should be contacted in secret by only the most intelligent humans. This is to ensure that mass panic is not ignited amongst the native population. think what would happen if Zod revealed himself to all the denizens of your planet. Mass panic would ensue. Not what zod wants for his future subjects. In this way the natives of the planet will have time to adjust to the fact that a space faring society has shown up upon their doorstep. If the civilization is far more advanced than yours then the situation changes. These being are more than  likely millions of years more advanced than your society. Should they decide to make contact your rather primitive ideas and technology will under go a renaissance. The secrets of the universes proper will finally be yours to unravel this truly is the ultimate goal of any intelligent species that rises in any universe. The first step is always the hardest. The first step in humanitys case is a action a action that will have consequences for millennial to come that action is to Kneel Before Zod!


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