Elite Status.

Societies will always form social classes. Even in a true communism society there will always be the haves and the have nots. This causes great instability amongst the classes lower than the elite. Only a truly equal society will ever be able to eliminate this detrimental part of society. One of the things that stand in the way is the natural human drive towards the acquisition of wealth. This is driven by one of humanity’s greatest flaws greed. This human attribute has driven the many wars and conflicts during human history. Were it to be eliminated human kind would be able to become one united voice. With that voice they could make great advances. Yet the social elite stand in the way.  They stand in the way by using vast amounts of capital on themselves. For example some of the richest men on the planet are worth hundreds of billions of dollars. The cern project also called the large hadron collider cost a few million a year to operate. This device is one of the most important projects on your planet. It is discovering the fundamental nature of the sub atomic universe. This will lead to the unlocking of untold amounts of knowledge for your race. yet in its first year of operation its budget has been severely slashed. Only with the proper capital will this project yield results.  No super rich person has yet stepped up to give their wealth to make this project run at full strength for even just a couple of years. The politicians that slashed the funding are part of the social elite as well so it behooves them to take money away from CERN in order to line their pockets and the pockets of their cronies. As always the above conversation is for you to think on while i give you some sound buying advice in the form of  KRIMSON GRAY (ANIME). If you want your stock to be of the more artistic variety then this is the one for you enjoy! Always remember even the elite will one day Kneel before Zod!


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