Welcome Back! Now Kneel..

The word that a great up swelling in american culture has lured Zod from the confines of his mountain top retreat to espouse upon the corrupt  political landscape. The American Tea party has began to make waves. This party has done more to shake up the political establishment in The united states than any other in recent memory. This Zod believes comes from political stagnation. This occurs in any society. The established order cannot endure  for long periods of time in this the age of the internet. Those people who are fed up with the current system can now communicate with each other at a hyper fast speed. take for instance the plight of people in england before the Manga Carta was signed.  The peasant populace had no recourse but to bend to the will of the English king. He and his nobles held power of life and death over the populace. they had to organize and become a force that outnumbered the nobles and force accountability upon them. The time of no consequences to your actions had come to a end. The current situation in america has emerged because of incumbent candidates. they assume in most cases correctly that they will be allowed to govern because they have done it for so long and that no other person will be able to do so as effectively as they do. This assumption has led to the ousting of many entrenched candidates due to the tea party’s influence. A society must be keenly aware of the shifting paradigms in its populace. After 235 years of existence The USA  has reached a point where the dissidents will soon begin to outweigh the people who wish to stick with the same old system. Only in extreme cases or radical situations will this lead to outright revolt. In democratic societies this is even rarer as the populace can change its governing body at any time they want with the correct amount of support. Zod has observed all this from afar and has declared that upon his rise to power he shall do away with political parties. this leads to dissension and fighting amongst  people. All of the governing body will be under one party Zods party. The democratic process shall remain in place but the final decision shall remain with Zod. If you think thats a step backwards then you try and take out Zod. “Kneel before Zod!”


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