Musings on Dynastic Succession.

With The announcement today from High party leaders in the secular nation of North Korea located on your planet Houston, it brings to mind a topic of discussion for Zod. The Long practiced method of selecting a leader by means of  dynastic selection. This means that A group of people choose their leader because His/Her, father/mother were the ones that previously led them. This can cause a couple of problems. One being that this person though more than likely trained from birth to be in a leadership position is still subject to rule with their own personal style this can range in the ability scale from inept to brilliant and the personality scale from benevolent to dictatorial.  Its really a crap shoot as to what you will get. Both governing styles have advantages and disadvantages but all in all no long term predictability. This being the first  problem. The second is the inbreeding that tends to happen within these ruling family. With scientific Knowledge advance to a level 0 society* you species has figured out this is not a good thing. It expresses latent genetic traits that could be potentially detrimental to to individual. One of these is reduction of your already meager mental abilities to levels of idiocy. Causing the the populace to be led by someone who is in no position to be leading from the front so to speak.

All these flaws can be circumvented by using a succession model that puts the most intelligent person or group of people on charge. This ensures that the best and brightest of a society are leading from the front. This helps a society  by ensuring that ruling class emphasizes overall progress of civilization. The individual power and glory is no longer a driving force upon a society. Scientific progress is no longer stymied by the bureaucratic process. allowing for people to progress beyond level 0 to a level 1 civilization. Can humanity make this leap from a charisma based leadership style to a progress minded one? Zod cant answer that question. He can only point out the flaws in said system. When Zod brings your civilization to its knees he will install a framework of government that allows for scientific discovery to be advanced to levels far beyond what the average person can even imagine. Swear your loyalty to Zod now or be left behind in the progress of your race!


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