Most political regimes institute some form of censorship on public discussions. The loosest forms of this will allow anything as long as it does not end up being physically detrimental to a individual or group. A example of of this is you can yell and complain all day long about american politicians yet as soon as you advocate violence against them you have stepped over the line.  Thats when government agents show up at your door asking allot of questions you really don’t want to answer.  The most restrictive forms of this have uniformed military personel showing up if you step out of line even just a little bit.

There are great benefits to both sides of this coin.  Lets discuss the lenient method first.  When you live in one of these societies you can more readily get your voice heard amongst the multitude of voices. That leads to a problem though. the sheer amount of voices leads to the political process of law and policy making being bogged down by the multitude. When it happens the political process stalls and the government ends up unable to function.

The other side of that is the totalitarian government. With the voices of the people so suppressed  the leaders are unable to listen to the voices of those being governed. If they are in contact with the people the leader is generally the only person making the decision. You nw have in this situation one charismatic person keeping his people in lock step formation. This can only work for a period of  50-80 years in this the modern internet age. The voices of the repressed and disenfranchised will seep out in to the wider world and eventually these people can coordinate and lead a counter revolution that grabs the worlds attention.

In closing can there be a middle ground to tread? Zod does not know. all Zod knows is that His policies are superior to all others. Especially policy number one. Which states “Kneel Before Zod!”


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