A single Pebble..

Today Zod will discuss the properties of the effects of a single action upon a mass of people. A recent development in Zod’s arsenal is the face book grenade. To initiate one of these WMD’s (weapon of mass destruction.)  all you need to do is select a person in your friends list that would benefit from he mass of positive content rolling into the empire Ave servers. After just two days of this action Zod’s personal price has sky rocketed nearly 10 points in value. A one time grenade will have a effect but its the cumulative effect that more evident as the days pass of multiple people bombing you back. In a war of content all the combatants will benefit when it comes to empire avenue. In addition to the process of doing this on FB (Face Book) you can also do it to the persons content on other sites connected to empire avenue.

One of the Keys to making this work is getting a cadre of people together that will bomb back and forth all day long. A group of 5 people will generate a self propagating wave that will ripple outwards on the internet. this wave will draw others in on the fun of Blowing some ones e mail inbox up with notifications. This activity then translates into a fun time to see who you can hit with the biggest bomb. For instance last evening Zod and a select group of nefarious others conspired to grenade DUPS FB and flickr page. The response was nearly immediate. He wondered what he had done then threatened zod with retaliation. Little does he realize any retaliation in the kind will only drive my share price higher. Thereby benefiting me and all my shareholders.  As you can see this method of war is one that Ultimately benefits the originator of the wave. You can literally see the waves of notifications rolling in at night. Its actually fun to sit and watch. the process will keep you engaged for some time at night thinking of persons to bomb. as always Zod will soon bring you a new form of internet warfare to implement!  use this new tool to dominate your Friends and Foes alike. “Kneel Before Zod!”


5 Responses to “A single Pebble..”

  1. Hail the Facebook Grenade!

  2. Great idea Lord Zod, looking forward to rolling in the dividends.

  3. Kneeling.

  4. I love your description of DUPS’s reaction. Priceless 🙂

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