Empire Building Zod’s way.

If you read the previous posts on Zod’s Blog you will see what Zod has advised you the reader to do in order to build a real world empire. in this new series we shall discuss some of the more salient points, a overview of sorts.

The first thing to do is to get your name and image out there for the public to see. There are a veritable plethora of ways to achieve this. The chief being high profile good or evil deeds. The decision is ultimately your as to whether you want to be a benevolent force or a infamous dictator. Two fine examples on either end of the scale are Gandhi for the forces of peace and tolerance and Hitler for the forces of war and intolerance.  The path of the righteous will have a far reaching impact on society as a whole. Gandhi was able to change the course of his nation through peaceful non violent interactions with the authorities. Many people have since used this method to achieve societal change.    Hitler achieved this in practice during his grip on power. He also created societal change in the way that countries have now put into place measures to prevent that kind of oppression from getting out of control. Granted it still takes place in remote regions of the world such as the atrocities seen in the Darfur region of Africa. A far more effective Rule with a mixture of the two. Applied to a situation on the fly by a wise person you can project a sense of justice and understanding to your subjects. A outstanding example of this is the late american west period. Those who were responsible for causing trouble were duly found and punished harshly if need be. Those who did great deeds live on today as legends. The law of the west could be very violent but in the end it was just.  Tomorrow Zod will Discuss the finer points of Law and order in your Burgeoning empire. For now Zod shall leave you with this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cg1yUMqJMcw



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