The Great Experiment

Yesterday Zod was thinking that the informational flow of your science community is a interesting thing. Great trends can be seen as your civilization attempts to make the leap between a type 0 civilization to a type 1 civilization. In order to better facilitate this Zods has decided gather this information together and present it to you. Interspersed amongst the science and Science fiction news will be things Zod finds interesting. you as followers of zod are charged with the following. Find through your normal everyday information gathering stories of great importance and Posting them for the rest of the army to consider!  Comics and video games news are more than welcome. Any fantasy stuff to the dreams and ideas of a civilization come in many forms. Zod believes if this information is gathered into one spot for others to see. Knowledge is power.  The new direction for Zods army will come with rewards as well! Those who post the best content will be rewarded with Rank. Starting with the rank of  Leuitenent. You will be able to advance from there to the rank of sub commander. Zod being the pinnacle at Commander. This group will be run in a democratic manner at all times with Zod holding the ultimate veto Power. However should 2/3 of the community agree upon something Zod’s Veto may be over ruled. In closing find all that good info and Dont forget to give a brief descriptor or comment before your article! We want to know what your post is all about! Engage above all else you fellow members of the army are your source for keeping on the cutting edge of knowledge. From time to time should it please Zod he will submit reviews on various products and literary works. All members are welcome to do so as well!  Join Zod in making Zods army the Place On Empire Ave to get your Geek on!


2 Responses to “The Great Experiment”

  1. I don’t know what you’re talking about – but HAIL ZOD!

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