Stupid Humans

The announcement of the discovery of life that lives and feeds from arsenic is a great insight into the true nature of human knowledge. That being said humans know very little about the world at their very feet.  While Zod was incarcerated in the phantom Zone he was able to converse with many a life form. Some of these in their original bodies did not have the same biochemistry that humans believed until yesterday to be essential for life to function down to a cellular level. Being phantoms they did not require food of any kind. they existed as Zod did without the need for sleep or anything basic. Moving on..

The universe is full of things that defy description. Humans have just found the very tip of that trove of things to be discovered. This discovery is going to fuel a great new drive to the stars and beyond. Now that humans know that life can form in many different conditions once thought impossible there will exist within your scientific communities a new drive to get out there and discover what will be  waiting for them to see. Coupled with the discovery at the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) that you can indeed make and capture anti matter particles, this will in the matter of a couple hundred years to throw humanity to places it could never imagine in its wildest dreams.  Also the applications here on earth are immense. We know know we can engineer bacteria that can incorporate different base components into their DNA this allows us to make bacteria that could eat hazardous chemicals and convert them into something useful. Potential free energy from biology could be the answer to the energy crisis that we know face. Couple this with advancing electronics and you have the potential for unlimited expansion of humans to every corner of this universe!

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