Global Destabilization

There is in this modern society a trend towards globalization. This refers to Humans becoming aware that what is done in one country can affect others around the planet. In the past humans have worked on a regional scale. this was due in part to the fact that communication was limited to how fast a human could physically travel. for centuries this was on horseback. Not the fastest form of disseminating  information. A series of actions that would take mere moments now then took weeks or months to accomplish.

The low population numbers also contributed to the regional thinking. As more routes across vast tracks of land and sea were established humans became aware of other cultures that were in existence around the planet. the biggest being the trip to china by Marco Polo and the discovery by the Europeans of the north and south american continents. The next greatest step in the process of globalization was the invention of motorized transport. No longer were humans limited by the stamina of his mount. After the building of the trans continental rail road the United states and by Proxy the rest of north america suddenly took the lead in cultural development due to the speed of their communications network. The next was the development of the telegraph. This Enabled instant communication between distant spots.  War as is the case with most technological development was the reason for the telegraph poles to spring up along the rail lines. The american civil war was the first to be handled by instantaneous command decisions.

From there in relativistically short amounts of time the telephone and television came along. Finally the internet came upon us. This is the greatest tool that mankind has created. Vast amounts of information and communications tools.  This more than anything else led to the current globalization trend. Its in this very powerful tool that the seeds of destabilization exist. All of the small yet charismatic people out there now have a grandstand to a vast audience that spans the globe. it also gives subversive organizations the means to covertly meet and recruit on a global basis. this will eventually lead to many different factions competing for power and resources. The Powers that be have more than likely instituted a kill switch in anticipation of a mass coordinated infrastructure attack upon the critical online systems that  are critical to most government operations in this day and age.

All this hangs upon a few very carefully balanced poles. Take away one pole and the others may support the system but who knows what would happen should the internet go down entirely on a global scale? Or what would ensue should most international travel be blocked to to the failure of the air traffic control system. Ask yourself this you may not use the stock market but what would happen to you and your money should the worlds economic system collapse.  All of the things hold our precarious global system in place. Destabilization will occur soon if no alternative energy source to fossil fuel is found. Energy is the thing that keeps all these aforementioned systems running.  In closing gird your loins and prepare for the crisis will soon be upon us. Only the strong and intelligent will survive to “Kneel Before Zod! “


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