A new year begins.

This is the year of our doom, according to the Mayans anyway. The beginning gives us the chance to discuss the end. For all things that have a beginning have a end. At least this much the unworthy human race have learned. Just a quick look at the history of your planet and we see that it is rife with the ending of things once thought eternal. I shall elucidate upon a few choice examples.

The Mayans thought that their empire would be eternal. thus they created a calendar that  would last for milennia. In creating the calender they were in fact creating a way to control the passage of time. Having done this the society was under what they though was eternal control. Internal pressures within the tightly controlled society brought them down.  It is a fine example of how just when you think you have a system that will last forever you really dont nothing lasts forever.

The Aztec society that directly replaced the Mayan culture is a example of outside pressure taking down your entire known world. Aztecs controlled a vast area of the land mass in central America. They had been in control and would have remained so for who knows how long. The outside pressure that brought them down was a far more advanced European society that were at least 1,000 years more advanced. The aztecs were essentially a stone age culture. They had not yet discovered that you could work metals into very effective implements and tools. Thus a seemingly immortal empire were brought down in the space of a single decade.

The modern society that we all live in is only about 150 years old. At the beginning of the industrial revolution humans bean to innovate at a scary fast pace. In the space of that time you have gone from a barely cognizant society to a global repository of knowledge that advances on a daily basis. There is a unique opportunity presented to humanity. Its  knowledge advancement may just out pace the cycle of destruction. Should you figure out the problems that have faced every other empire you will establish yourselves across the universe. Once this happens Humans will become a ubiquitous presence everywhere. You will continue to evolve and become what would no be   longer  considered as human. So cheers to you humans and may you achieve this goal!!


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