Exclusive Interview with Lord Zod.

The Daily Empire

“Kneel before Zod” A Daily Empire Exclusive interview with Lord Zod.

Interview Conducted by Travis Tripp.

I as you all know have been the contact to Lord Zod much as that hack of a writer Clark Kent is to Superman. Lord Zod has finally decided that the time has come for a exclusive one on one interview. The Following is the Account of said meeting.

I was told to meet Zod in the fortress of solitude he took over after returning from certain death and defeating superman. After along and grueling trek across the frozen waste i arrived and was brought in to the fortress.

Me: Lord Zod I kneel before your greatness. I have arrived as you requested.

Zod: Rise before zod and ask your question.

Me: Thank you Lord Zod. First question is how did you survive certain death at the hands of Superman?

Zod: I managed to survive th fall and was trapped on a shelf of ice. Turns out that Prolonged exposure to Yellow sun radiation will reverse the effects of red sun radiation. Nom and Ursa fell in the arctic water and died.

Me:  Very intriguing Lord Zod. After you broke the man of steels back why did you not immediately take over?

Zod:  DO YOU TAKE ZOD FOR A IDIOT?! I am far more intelligent than that. Zod learned from his first attempt that ruling by force alone shall not work. You must become a figure that a great many people respect first. It will get your foot in the door. After that you may slowly and surely tighten your grip on the populace. The first step has been to gain social media dominance. To this effect Zod has begun using Empire Avenue to keep track of his dominance. This has taken far longer than Zod expected. Nevertheless it shall happen.

Me: I am sorry for doubting your plan Lord Zod. How far along are your plans.

Zod:  Is this the part where the villain reveals his master plan?  Zod will not be tricked so easily. Zods plan is in motion. The slow erosion of your civil rights has begun worldwide. When the final move is revealed all humans will be grateful for the salvation Zod brings.

Me: What is your plan once you have become our ruler?

Zod: I will begin by advancing your science and math centuries beyond what it currently is. Then i shall help you all achieve great leaps of thinking and reasoning. This will allow you to build ships capable of carrying you far beyond this small galaxy. Thus enabling Zod to further spread his dominance to the entire universe!

Me: A fine Plan Lord Zod! The Public im sure would love to as questions. Are they allowed to ask these questions of you?

Zod: They may ask. I shall monitor the comments section and answer all questions posited to me.

Me: Is there anything further you would like to add Lord Zod?

Zod: Yes there is. Kneel Before Zod!

At this point i left the confines of the fortress to trek home. Once there I used Zods blog to post this interview per his request. He shall monitor the comments section to answer questions. Beware what you as though. You may not want to anger Zod! – Travis Tripp


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