Freedom Of Expression

A new and ugly phenomenon has begun on Empire ave. The Thumbs down waves going on by a few unsightly groups that have cropped up. The New Groups have targeted the top players and groups for extermination through a rash of thumbing down of content. A closer examination is reqired so come with me friends as we break the bounds of reality. Come with me as we explore more  crevices of the human condition.

A Great number of the top players in the leader board are involved in very tight knit communities. The Cabal and the SSAG are two good examples. These groups have most of the richest and most powerful members of the small yet ever growing EAv Community. This has a very good reason for that effect. They have found groups of like minded people that they enjoy the company of. This causes social interaction and friendships form. Since they all like each other some of the same interests are bound to intersect. All those 9-15 constantly active members can boost the content value of all their members only through daily conversation and “liking” The content they actually do like. This is nothing that is pre planned or achieved through subversive means, They are both just chatty groups of friends that are insular unto themselves.  They do not recruit members lightly nor do they specifically deny prospective members. You would need to fit in as to not disrupt the group dynamic.  Granted these groups are rife with members who know how to play the EAv game. They have all been on the Ave for sometime and learned the hard way how to do things.

The New groups that have began to thumbs down the content of The Top players and the Cabal are making it a punishment for the groups to interact. The thumbing down of content on regular intergroup traffic is a bit disappointing. These groups are merely talking back and forth. If you want to gain the top spots rather than reducing yourself to so called backroom tactics why not step up to the plate and engage in a civil discourse. If you believe you cant take the top spots by upping the quality of your content then you do not get how EAv is played. It is a place for you to find content you like and promote it! You can make friends from all over the planet and communicate on a personal level. These new groups will learn that only true friendships last those forged in anger and spite will be doomed for failure. The glue of friendship is what keeps the Tickers at the top at the the top. Support from Friends is all you need.

Zods Judgment is thus.. You may continue you smear campaigns against us. Freedom of expression is extended to all human beings. you efforts will falter against the walls of our solidarity, and now Mr Joe Crocker.. “Kneel Before Zod!”


17 Responses to “Freedom Of Expression”

  1. Well written! Great article! It’s really true, you don’t get high without making friends and finding the common ground. It’s like karma, send forth what you want to come back to you.

  2. Great post . Travis.
    Empire Avenue is like the real world. We can constantly promote good sportsmanship, positivity, etc… Haters are always gonna hate. It’s a shame but what can you do other than just keep on keeping on? The time spent to thumbs down could be used to interact and be a positive influence within their own communities.

    As iron is eaten by rust, so are the envious consumed by envy. ~Antisthenes

  3. Great post!

    I completely agree. I think that the thumbs down thing that has been targeted against the people at the top of the leader board is rather passive aggressive and the reason why these people are on top in the first place is because they have the content and the social influence. If people don’t like that then they need to look at their own content, how much they are outreaching to others on the site on the various social media sites, etc… and improve their scores that way RATHER than trying to maliciously destroy what these people have been working so hard for.

    It’s not fair.

    Do unto others as you would want done unto yourself!

  4. Yes. A thousand times yes. Oh, and a (kneel) as long as I’m here.

  5. Travis! THANK YOU for responding to my posting and writing such a great piece! You were one of the people who was nice and helpful to me when I first joined EA and I still greatly appreciate it. Thank You for not smiting me! =)

  6. The Thinking Kiwi Says:

    That is just low.
    That does seem a bit stupid.

    I have not noticed this stupid act, but I will add anyone to my regular thumbs up list.

    Cheers TTK

  7. Well said, Zod. I haven’t witnessed the behavior you have described but over the course of my first month on EAv I have found most members of the “top groups” to be courteous, knowledgeable, and in many cases, charitable.

    People are people, or so the song goes. Take the good, take the bad, or so the T.V. told me. Buy rising, sell falling, and keep the difference, (e)CYILD told me.


  8. Hear Hear!

    I would also like to extend an opinion on the matter of thumbs down. I can’t imagine it feels good to do it, especially constantly. I can tell you from experience it was (and continues to be) a lot of fun to give thumbs ups and likes to fellow EAv community members. For anyone looking to increase their influence scores on EAv I would highly recommend the thumbs up option. As many times as you can when you get the chance.

    Cheers. And Kneel Before Zod!

  9. Well said Lord Zod, I kneel before thee 🙂

  10. Well said!

  11. Wait… there’s a thumbs down button! SWEET!!!!

    I will honestly say that I’ve never once been treated with anything but kindness and respect on eAve. I have had members from across the world be mentors, mentees and friends – and in fact look forward to daily twitter convos and seeing the friendly faces on the leader boards.

    Life is short and this is a game… thumbs down is nothing but bad karma. Chin up and tongues out to all those who don’t bow down 🙂

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