I Your lord Zod Shall Elucidate you Upon my skills that as you say “Pay the bills”. I Zod in real life is named Travis. A very few and select group know that{SSAG}{HS}. The ones that cared enough to engage in all forms of social media that is. I work at http://www.parisfarmersunion.net/retailTurner.html Thats my boss there joe!! say hi Joe!!! It is as you can see a farm supply store. I sell people all that stuff there on the website. I have a extensive knowledge of Equine Knowledge. I also am working on mastering the Knowledge of plumbing. All day long i lift 50lbs or 22.7kg for my non american friends.. Its actually fairly enjoyable. I Seem to enjoy finding things for people and selling them. So that be said…. Should any one come to Turner, ME and walk into the Paris Farmers union and ask for Zod. I will as soon as i get home buy 400 shares as im not authorized to give discounts at this time! This is Zod signing off..


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