“Feeling Zod Like”

Coming back from may conquests all across the galaxy Zod has found this planet in quite a uproar. It seems that the “Middle Eastern Houston” Has erupted in ill will and foul feelings. Zod has sat back and watched as one country after the other has broken down and rebuilt it self in a new way. It also seems that a disaster of epic proportions has happened in  Japan.

First things first. The Middle eastern portion of the planet has made a statement about who or what shall be their future.  This is a great thing for the planet as a whole. Its what is called a stress moment. If Your planet can pass this test it will bode well for the Human race. If the peoples of the earth are fully represented by democracies it will mean that finally humanity can proceed towards a general consensus.  The time of the dictators of old seem to topple near every month. One of the more eccentric ones “Gadaffi” Has proven a tough one to oust. The international Community was nearly as a whole in agreement that something had to be done before too much civilian life is lost. The Greatest tool in the arsenals of these rebels is The Internet. Possibly one of the greatest Human inventions  ever. It caused the connection of billions of minds. A few of the like minds resided in Egypt. They banded together and became a Very old nation under new rule.  This is just the beginning. Those who are repressed have a way to communicate.

Zod has also observed the the great tragedy in japan has still not come under complete control. The worlds economy has not yet seen what the reliance we all had on Japan. They were the producers of high end computer and machine parts. Unless some other country with infrastructure to step in does, the global economy will see the effects in about two more months. Cars and computer parts will slow down.  This may cause one of three things to happen. The first being no country steps in to fill the void and we see a global economy shrink. the second is we see a separate country step in and move to fill the manufacturing void left. More than likely said country would see a economic Boom. Hopefully said country sends money to japan to help in humanitarian  efforts!  The third would be  That japan gets back on its feet far quicker than anyone anticipates. Any of these possibilities exist. It can be said that Zod for one has a positive outlook on things and will keep a watch full eye.  The future is bright folks!  Now back To the Phantom Zone for a bit!


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