Ramble On

When talking about topics in general there seems to be a bent in the modern culture towards the next new thing. Granted that progress upon the “Golden Path” have made humanity a race that is able to contemplate their place in the universe. Just being able to do that separates us from all the other species on out planet. Soon we will see the invention of a clean renewable energy that can replace oil as our primary energy source. This will free humanity from many constraints that keep us tied to just a single planet.

Within all this progress I think we are losing a key part of our pasts. The ability to be self reliant for food and water are slowly becoming Non skills. With everything that we need on a daily basis being sold at Wal Mart there is no need to have a few basic skills. Gardening basic repair and food preservation are a few  that immediately come to mind. If just a small group of people started applying skill sets lost to most of the modern society it would spread when the financial savings are observed. Thats my thinking on it anyhow. Enjoy your day folks and thanks for reading.


One Response to “Ramble On”

  1. Basic repair? Hell that would put whole industries out of the manufacturing business!

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